Jyotisha Vedic Astrology

The moment you were born, the exact placement of all the heavenly bodies in the sky was recorded. Your Cosmic Blueprint was created for you to enliven. Jyotisha is an ancient Sanskrit word that means to “enlighten.” Jyotisha is called The Eye of Wisdom, because it gives you the ability to see deep into your own self. Know thyself, and you know all.

When I first had my Jyotisha Vedic Natal Chart read by my mentor, I felt so seen and understood. And the women I have worked with so far have had amazing experiences and insights in their sessions. They have understood themselves better. They have discovered their strengths and talents and the deepest intentions of their soul. They have stopped apologizing for who they are. They have made commitments to themselves to no longer play small. They’ve seen their own self in their Highest Light. They now have a deep understanding of why they are here, the purpose of their life, and what they’re here to accomplish. And every single one of them has said that they felt the Truths, that were revealed in their session, deep inside their system all along. Sometimes we just need to be seen and understood and held in our Highest Light and told that it is OK to be that shining light that we are here to be. I would love to help you begin on this journey, the journey home to yourself.

I begin every Soul Path Coaching session with your Jyotisha Vedic Natal Chart reading. I call it your Soul Path Blueprint. Your birth date, exact time of birth (often found on your birth certificate), and exact place of birth are necessary to do this chart reading. I will go over this chart with you and discuss your rising star constellation, your planetary ruler and archetype, and how they, along with the other planets and star constellations in your chart, help to create your thoughts, emotions, actions, character, and destiny.

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